Foreign Students


Ranked among the Brazilian’s top public universities, the Escola Politécnica of the UFRJ has its trajectory tightly linked to Brazilian scientific, cultural and technological development. Its origins come from 1792, being the first regular course of Engineering of the Americas and the most ancient higher education institute of our country.

The Escola Politécnica of the UFRJ is also ranked as one of the best engineering institutions in the last National Examination of Higher Education Courses (ENADE) led by the Brazilian Ministry of Education, having achieved a 5.0 grade (the highest) in most of its Engineering Courses. This examination assesses the quality of education on a scale that ranges from 0 to 5 and comprises the quality of faculty, installations and laboratories, research activities and a formal exam applied to the students.

The degree programs offered by the Escola Politécnica of the UFRJ are considered a reference in several areas of performance and therefore retain a bond with important universities abroad. By means of agreements, the students of the Escola Politécnica of the UFRJ has an opportunity to participate Academic Exchange programs in great centers of scientific background and international technological, to realize placements in their area of training and, of course, may enjoy the privilege to perfect your proficiency in a number languages on and dealing and learn new crops.

Most of the students of Escola Politécnica of the UFRJ are hired by important companies in Brazil and abroad, such as Petrobras, Renault, VW, Embraer, Michelin, Alstom, BHP Billiton, Accenture, etc. The majority of the top candidates hired by Petrobras in recent years are former students from this prestigious school. Some of the outstanding students of Escola Politécnica of the UFRJ involved in double degree programs with institutions in Europe have received grants from companies that are partners of Escola Politécnica of the UFRJ. These companies have signed cooperation agreements with Escola Politécnica of the UFRJ and they sponsor students and engineering projects developed in the school.

The Escola Politécnica is located on an island in the Guanabara Bay called Ilha do Fundão. The Escola Politécnica is very close to the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro and there you can find public transportation to the entire city.